General Terms & Conditions


Use of the NATUR Furniture & Design website is governed by the terms of use below. Your use of the website constitutes your commitment to respect them. These conditions apply to all sales made through the website The content of the website, including illustrations, images, etc., belong exclusively to NATUR Meubles & Design. It is strictly forbidden to use them for other purposes.

Availability of items and processing time

We are committed to processing your order within 24 hours of payment. Delivery time may vary depending on item availability. If the items are in stock, your order will be ready to be picked up or shipped within 24 hours of payment. If the items are not in stock, your order may be shipped or available for pickup in more than 24 hours. If this is the case, we will notify you as soon as possible. NATUR Meubles & Design cannot be held responsible for failure to respect the delivery times displayed. However, we undertake to notify you by email or telephone as soon as possible if your item on order is no longer available or for any delay in delivery beyond our control.

Products presented on the site

Product availability may vary. NATUR Meubles & Design reserves the right, without notice or obligation, to modify the characteristics and prices of the products and services offered, or to discontinue them. The colours of the products presented on the NATUR Meubles & Design website have been reproduced as faithfully as possible. However, because the colours displayed to vary from one display device to another, NATUR Furniture & Design cannot guarantee that the colours visible on your display device correspond to the actual colours of the products.


The prices displayed on the NATUR Meubles & Design site are in Canadian dollars, before all applicable taxes, assembly and shipping costs. The price is payable in full and in a single payment at the time of the order. All orders are payable in Canadian dollars. NATUR Meubles & Design reserves the right to modify its retail prices at any time without notice.

Payment method

Orders placed on the NATUR Meubles & Design website are payable by Visa and Mastercard credit cards, or any other method of payment via Paypal. For online purchase using a gift card, please contact customer service at 1-888-717-1213.

Modification of terms of use

NATUR Furniture & Design reserves the right to update or modify its conditions of use at any time without notice. Any modification to this NATUR Furniture & Design website, such as the conditions of use, legal notice or other, will take precedence over past indications. NATUR Meubles & Design reserves the right to permanently or temporarily cease online activities relating to this website without notice. By using this website, you waive any recourse whatsoever towards NATUR Meubles & Design.

In the event of errors

In the event that a product is presented with errors (e.g. price or description) due to typographical or other errors, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders that may have been made for such a product. If your credit card has already been charged for such a purchase, we will refund the amount to your card for the full amount paid.